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May 2020

The Community Fund Responds to the Coronavirus

April 6, 2020


Friends and Neighbors ,


First and foremost, we hope this message finds you and your family safe and healthy. It’s difficult to find the words to express how dramatically the world has changed in just a few short weeks. As we all attempt to make sense of our new normal, many of us have found turning to help our neighbors feels like the right place to start.


As we promised in our last communication, the Community Fund has been working hard to determine how we can best serve our community in this extreme time of need.


Today we are announcing the launch of the Community Fund Covid-19 Relief Fund in response to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the subsequent growing needs of our community. Up to $250,000 will be made immediately available to assist local agencies and organizations that are supporting those that have already been hit the hardest by the pandemic.


The new fund is intended to offer immediate relief to community programs that address social, economic and other repercussions of the novel coronavirus in Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe. We will also be offering assistance to our neighboring communities of Mount Vernon and Yonkers.


Designed to be flexible and nimble in order to support trusted frontline community organizations, the fund’s purpose is to complement the work of local officials and expand capacity to address all aspects of the outbreak through the nonprofit sector.


The Application process is now open and can be found on our website. The Community Fund Grants Committee will review all proposals from local agencies and respond on a rolling basis.




As many of you know, The Community Fund was created over 100 years ago in 1919 in partnership with Lawrence Hospital, to help combat the Flu epidemic.  Today our mission has never been more clear: helping those most in need, supporting the underserved, and servicing our community.




Be safe and well.


Warmest Regards,

Amy Korb

Executive Director

The Community Fund