December 2017

Original Horror Movie Trailers Created by Ninth-Grade

Bronxville High School ninth-graders, who had been studying how to effectively tell stories in Fred Yannantuono’s English class, have created original and authentic horror movie trailers.


As part of their studies, they analyzed a visual history of the horror genre and synthesized rules for creating a great monster, victim and setting. They also researched how to create mystery, suspense and dramatic irony and generated original ideas for horror movies. After discussing the various elements of creating a movie, including lighting, camera angles and a variety of shots, the students created storyboards for their own movie trailers.


“They’re learning that there are different ways that we can tell stories and there are different tools that are unique to both film and/or literature,” Yannantuono said. “While the basic fundamental elements of stories are the same, by having them think more visually, it provided the students with an opportunity to draw connections from our studies to their own personal lives.”


The students worked together in groups to capture a variety of shots on school grounds and edit their trailers. They were challenged to include low angle, high angle and over the shoulder shots, as well as sidelighting, backlighting, horror sounds, voiceover and special effects in their trailers.


“They really relished the opportunity to get out with their friends and be creative,” Yannantuono said. “The trailers were adorable, hilarious and brilliant.”


To watch a video about the students’ horror movie trailers, visit the district’s website at



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