July 2018

The Bronxville School Foundation Awards $646,000 in Grants

The Bronxville School Foundation announced its 2018 grant awards, giving $646,000 in resources to benefit children in kindergarten through 12th grade at The Bronxville School.


The Foundation grant requests came from teachers, administrators, parents, and students. This year’s grants continue to reflect the school’s work toward creating a sustainable model of excellence, aligned with the district’s goals of delivering the best possible curriculum and instruction, integrating new technologies, and providing improvements to school facilities and equipment that best support the current and future learning needs of students. After careful consideration from the grants committee and the board of directors, grants were awarded to all areas of the school.


“This year’s grants will enhance The Bronxville School by providing exciting new resources, training and technology to students, faculty, and administrators,” said Romy Coquillette, the Foundation’s vice president of grants.


Foundation Chair Jennifer Thomas added, “The Foundation is grateful to our donors for their generous and continued support. We also appreciate the teachers and administrators whose ideas, talent and energy bring important new programs, curriculum initiatives, technology, facilities and other resources to our children.  Together, we all make the Bronxville School a better place for our children.”


The Bronxville School Foundation has supported our school for 27 years. The Foundation’s fundraising had strong results this year: our community understands the important role the Foundation plays in enriching the school’s programs and providing a first-rate education for our children. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we raised over $469,000 all of these proceeds have been used to fund grants.


The Bronxville School Foundation depends upon contributions from school families and the community. If you would like to learn more about the Foundation, please contact Foundation Executive Director Peggy Williams at 914-395-0515 or visit the Foundation website at www.BronxvilleSchoolFoundation.org.


The following is a complete list of the approved grants for the

2018-19 school year:


Program, Curriculum Development

Duo Jalal Musicians for HS

HS Guidance Survey of Graduates

HS Model UN Club Delegate Training

ES Book-of-the-Month Club

Mandarin Class for HS

Dance Workshops for MS/HS Musical Students

NY Historical Society Educator for MS

“How to Unmake a Bully” PSA Videos for ES

ES Mindfulness Program

Performance Coach for HS Social Studies

HS Student Help Desk presentation at NY State Curriculum for Advanced

     Technological Education Conference*

HS Global Student Leadership Institute



TV Studio

Indoor Climbing Wall for ES

MS/HS Band Room Renovation

Innovative Designs in Education: Classroom Redesign (K-12)

Adaptive Seating for Third Grade

Up Stage Traveler Curtain for the Auditorium

MS/HS Resource Room Renovations & New Furniture



Math Craft iPads for MS*

TI-Nspire Calculators for MS*

Guided Reading Sets for 1st and 2nd Grades

Science Microscopes ES*

Science Vernier, Arduino and Conductivity Probes for HS *

VR Headsets for HS*

Materials for HS “Intro to Physical Computing”*

Drones for Programming Club for HS*

Digital Library for MS/HS Special Education


Professional Development

College Admission Counseling Conference for HS Guidance

ES Scratch Conference at MIT*

Conferences to support K-12 Technology initiatives*

HS National Social Studies Conference

Student Wellness Curriculum for MS/HS

South By Southwest Education Conference* (K-12)

Design Thinking Workshop focused on Grading policies (6-12)

INFOSYS Pathfinders Summer Institute*

“Big Nerd Ranch” Conference to support HS AP Application Design class

“Next Practices” for Policy Board (K-12)


*Grant is STEM/STEAM-related






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