December 2017


The Chapel Middle School (TCMS) is proud to announce the adoption of Delta Education’s FOSS Inquiry-Based Science Program, created by a team of experts from U.C. Berkeley and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Centered on the Active Investigation of three strands (Physical Science, Life Science and Earth Science), students are reading informational text, developing science-centered language, organizing personalized records in science notebooks, exploring real-world challenges as budding, problem-solving engineers, integrating technology and growing from formative assessment.  “TCMS’s Science Lab is alive every day with hands-on exploration” commented long-time Science Teacher Ms. Jeanette Coulthurst.  “This is how science should be taught and how science students should be learning.”


TCS’s Lower School students have begun piloting FOSS’s Physical Science modules this fall as teachers assess the program and how best it can be adapted in Grades K-5.


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