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January 2020

Eve Balseiro, Liam Krall, Robbie Cruikshank and Logan Glick

High School seniors commit to playing sports in college

Bronxville High School seniors, who are accomplished athletes, have announced their commitment to play sports at colleges across the country next fall. Joined by administrators, teachers, coaches and parents, the students were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the school community during a recent ceremonial letter of intent signing.


The following students have committed to play sports in Division I, which is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association:


• Eve Balseiro has committed to track and field at University of Notre Dame.

• Robbie Cruikshank has committed to squash at Denison University.

• Nate Davis has committed to lacrosse at Dartmouth College.

• Logan Glick has committed to lacrosse at Lafayette College.

• Liam Krall has committed to tennis at Southern Methodist University.

• Marguerite Scotti has committed to crew at University of Southern California.

• Conner Stoltz has committed to squash at Harvard University.



Marguerite Scotti

Nate Davis and Conner Stoltz