July 2018

Latimer Proclaims, “State of Our County is Moving Forward”

On April 16, Westchester County Executive George Latimer delivered his first State of the County address to a capacity crowd in the Legislative Chambers of the Board of Legislators in White Plains.


“What I am here to deliver tonight is news that it is a new day in Westchester County. A day of new opportunity, a day of new ideas and approaches and a day of new growth,” Latimer said. “And friends - the State of our County is moving forward.”


The address included various announcements and initiatives that Latimer and his team are eager to get to work on, including:  Westchester County’s joining of the Paris Climate Agreement: a commitment to get to work on rebuilding the  County’s infrastructure;  the opening of a female veterans clinic at Westchester Medical Center; and  Westchester County’s efforts to craft a shared services plan that will provide real relief to Westchester taxpayers.


Latimer also made note of the current status of Westchester’s finances. Latimer, whose first budget will not be voted on until November of 2018 said: “…to move the State of our County forward together – we must understand where our fiscal house stands. And much to my disappointment – the numbers right now do not look pretty. Our County’s finances have fallen victim to ‘sweep it under the rug’ economics for too long.”


In the address, Latimer also individually recognized all 16 members of the Board of Legislators, highlighting the importance of ‘building bridges’ – a theme of the address.


 “Right now in this Country we are divided, but here in Westchester County we are committed to building bridges. Bridges between people, cultures, political parties, different ages, time and beliefs,” Latimer stressed.


“What my administration is here to do, is create a Westchester we all have a stake in. That promise is that whenever your County government is considering a major project in your backyard, you will have input and all residents are welcome to become part of the process. We call it the Good Neighbor Policy.”


 County Executive George Latimer took office in January 2018 as the ninth County Executive. Using inclusion and openness as a foreground, Latimer is fighting to make Westchester a destination for all people to live, work and enjoy. “It is our goal,” Latimer stressed, “to make a Westchester County Government that is a partner to every municipality in Westchester.”



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