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January 2021

Four Local Law Public Hearings Scheduled for 2021


Mayor Mary Marvin opened a telephone Work Session of the Bronxville Board of Trustees on Monday, December 14th.  Mayor Marvin suggested renovating the flagpole fronting Village Hall and dedicating it to the memory of former Deputy Mayor and Eastchester Councilman Glenn D. Bellitto, who succumbed to COVID earlier this year.


Village Administrator James Palmer discussed the installation of a crosswalk across Route 22, midblock between Pondfield and Tanglewylde Avenue, utilizing a pedestrian-activated flashing light, plus additional sidewalks and handicapped ramp.


Palmer mentioned that four Public Hearings are scheduled for next month, regarding zoning changes.  Noted was a “McMansion Trend,” larger structures built along with “tear-down trend,” where houses are demolished, replaced with larger, bulky homes.

At the Regular Meeting, after Local Law 3-2020 was approved, requiring landscapers to display permit stickers on their vehicles, effective January 1-December 1, 2021, the four proposed Local 2021 Laws were presented.


Local Law 1-2021 mandates Site Plan Approval by the Planning Board for demolition, construction, alteration, or improvement of any detached one-family dwelling.


Local Law 2-2021 regulates size of structures, including considering a basement a story if it is six feet above the average finished grade.


Local Law 3-2021 encompasses standards for Affordable Affirmatively Fair Housing (AFFH) units, affordable to a household whose income does not exceed 80% of area median income for Westchester and rental unit to households whose income does not exceed 60% AMI.  Within all residential developments of 10 or more units, no fewer than 10% of the total must be created as AFFH units.


Local Law 4-2021 requires applicant to provide a summary project statement to any property owner within 100 feet of the subject property by certified or registered mail within 10 days, submitting building permit application.