November 2018

Mail Fraud Scandal Hot Topic at Board of Trustees Meeting

By Justin Grant


As many residents of Bronxville are not only – on high alert about recent frauds – they are demanding answers from the Board of Trustees. On Monday, June 11, the Board of Trustees addressed many topics, including the Midland Avenue Project, which still continues to not have been resolved. According to Mayor Mary Marvin, she reassured the public that the ongoing project to put in new gas lines under Midland Avenue is not her “project.” It’s Con Edison’s project.


Village Administrator Jim Palmer noted that the pipes are being welded and that this project is time-consuming. In addition, the village demanded Con Ed to speed up the process by putting more welders in place.  He also wanted to remind residents about paying their tax bills.


“The tax bills were mailed and are due on Monday, July 2,” Palmer stated. He added, “If possible, individuals should bring them in person to village hall.” It’s worth mentioning, though, the serious concern was about the mail fraud scandal, and residents are still on edge. However, Mayor Marvin urged residents to not worry anymore.


It’s Mayor Marvin’s belief that since the blue mailboxes have been changed – the problem is resolved – and that it is “virtually impossible” to “get into these mailboxes.” Nevertheless, she said there are still problems within the post office itself and it’s being investigated under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Postal Service. As the meeting continued, it was time for Westchester County Legislator for the 15th District, Gordon Burrows to give an update on some of the Westchester County initiatives.


Some of the proposals Burrows mentioned were that Westchester County is offering free tracking bracelets for children with autism and other developmental disabilities, as well as, Westchester County has raised the age for purchase of tobacco and vaping products to 21-years-old from 18-years-old.  In addition, there is a good chance that Westchester County will have a deficit, although, it’s unclear what the impact will be on taxes.


Following the conclusion of the board of trustees meeting, a Bronxville resident, Margaret Mager, asserted that she came to the meeting because her son was working on an Eagle Scout Merit badge and was required to attend a public meeting. When asked if she was frustrated with a specific issue in the village, she replied, “No!” According to Mager, she was only there for, “information purposes.” She added that she didn’t have any questions and thought it was a good meeting.


The Bronxville Village had their next meeting on Monday, June 25, regarding creating a village charitable trust.



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