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April 2020

Michelle Sterling, Chair, Scaarsdale Conservation Council and Co-Founder, Municipal Food Scrap Recycling Program, holding food scrap countertop unit, left and Food Scrap Recycling Bin, right.

Special Green Committee Municipal Food Scrap Recycling Proposal Presented

Village news as of 3-9-20


By Stephen E. Lipken


Bronxville Mayor Mary C. Marvin convened the Monday, March 9 Board of Trustees meeting with a Green Committee Presentation, chaired by Ellen Edwards followed, in which guest, Scarsdale Conservation Advisory Council Chair Michelle Sterling (michellesterling1@gmail.com) discussed their Municipal Food Recycling Program, which she co-founded with Ron Schulhof.


According to Ms. Sterling, each resident gets a food scrap recycling “starter kit” from the municipality, consisting of a small countertop pail lined with a compostable liner bag made of corn.  When all the bags inside the countertop pail are full, they are put into a larger green bin to be brought to a drop-off site.


“The program accepts all food—meat, dairy, fish, bread, grains, spoiled food, oily food, vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc. It also takes tissues, napkins and paper towels (which can’t be recycled with paper recycling) as well as bamboo chopsticks and wooden popsicle sticks…,” Sterling said.


On another green note, Pamela Lippe, who averred that she was the first resident to put solar panels on her home, requested revision of an ordinance which currently limits solar panels to less than 900 square feet or 33% of one’s roof and not allowed to face the street.  “The first limitation is particularly unreasonable,” Lippe stressed.

Mayor Marvin reported that the Village has been in close contact with New York Presbyterian, Lawrence Hospitals and NYS Department of Health which interviews COVID-19 victims and business owners.


A Public Hearing was set for Monday, April 13th to adopt a local law, allowing the Village to exceed the State’s 1.78% allowable levy gross (tax cap), established in General Municipal Law Section 3-C.


Litigation was authorized against Pam Transportation to collect damages due to their truck cab and trailer demolishing an overhead traffic signal and three electronic crossing signals at Gramatan Avenue and Pondfield Road on February 26, 2019.

There was a declaration of SEQRA Determination regarding Pondfield Road underpass repairs.  NYS Senator Shelley Mayer was contacted for a $250,000 System for Award Management (SAM) grant.


Finally, the Board and community bid a fond farewell to Trustee William H. Barton, retiring after 14 years of voluntary service.