December 2017

Associate Amanda Brosy, McCullough, Goldberger and Staudt

Local Law #3-2017 Draws  Anguished Responses

By Stephen E. Lipken


With rare displays of intense emotion, Bronxville citizens decried Concordia College commuting students’ parking on residential streets at the Tuesday, October 10 Board of Trustees meeting Public Hearing to pass Proposed Local Law #3-2017.


Part of the Local Law would limit parking on Oriole Avenue on both sides between Tanglewylde and Woodland Avenues, not to exceed one hour between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; Greenfield Avenue, on both sides between Tanglewylde and Woodland Avenues, not to exceed one hour from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


“I was asked with my Associate Amanda Brosy to address the issues of student parking on streets around Concordia College,” Village Attorney James Staudt stated. “The issues are twofold, 1) parking; 2) increased traffic.”


Staudt cited dormitory construction in 1973; Chapel/Recital Hall, 1980 and 2002 Library project, each with street parking restriction agreements laxly enforced.

Resident Ludger Hentschel pointed to the lack of street parking enforcement.  “There was a time when there were 300-400 students in residence; now there are 1,000 who commute…”


Presenting an anti-one hour parking rule petition from neighbors on Tanglewylde and Woodland, Bill Blais noted that the signs, “do not distinguish between [gardeners] mowing lawns, nannies or people working on houses.”


Laurie Harrison stressed that parking signage would indicate congestion and lower property values. Staudt replied that enforcement cannot legally occur without signs.

“We have one child who just turned three and another turning seven,” Gregory Schooley said.  “They ride bicycles and scooters.  Concordia students have zipped through Oriole Avenue at 50 miles an hour, making garbage and harassing residents…”


When it was suggested that parking stickers be placed in vehicles, Mayor Mary C. Marvin recalled that a lawsuit ensued when the Village attempted to issue stickers for teachers to park on Pondfield Road, “that we lost.  You cannot single out one group.” Staudt added that streets are opened to the public at large.


Local Law #3-2017 was passed with Oriole and Greenfield Avenue one-hour parking restrictions excised, becoming Local Law #5-2017 for consideration at the Monday, November 13th meeting.  Local Law #4-2017, revising parking permit fees, parking meter fees and fines for improperly located permit stickers, passed easily.



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