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June 2020

Local Law 2 Public Hearing Held; Latimer Speaks at Board of Trustees Meeting

By Stephen E. Lipken


Mayor Mary C. Marvin conducted a remote meeting of the Bronxville Board of Trustees on May 11th with special Guest Speaker, Westchester County Executive George Latimer and Assistant Director of Intergovernmental Relations, Ellen Hendrickx.


“As it stands, we had 31,384 people who have tested positive with 3,377 active COVID-19 cases,” Latimer noted.  “There are a little under 500 hospitalized right now, down from 1200; 112,663 have been tested, representing 11% of the County population with 1,227 deaths; last night we lost 9 people.  In Bronxville, 62 tested positive with only 4 active cases.


“We are on the backside of the curve, coming down.  There has to be a 14-day decline in deaths and hospitalizations in order for things to re-open,” Latimer continued. “Contact Tracing will track those who have been infected.”


Latimer outlined Governor Andrew Cuomo’s four phases for re-opening social entities: 1) Maintenance, construction, retail for curbside pickup; 2) Finance, retail, insurance and real estate; 3) Restaurants and bars; 4) Arts and entertainment such as parades and sports events.


Director of Economic Development Bridget Gibbons can be contacted for business financial assistance.


Marvin discussed the possibility of opening outdoor dining areas as well as convening a committee of shopkeepers, residents, healthcare professionals, landlords and Police Department for re-opening downtown, including street or parking space closures to enable businesses to meet social distancing guidelines.


With no Memorial Day Parade, plans are being made to honor veterans in front of Village Hall and reading the names of veterans lost this year.


Local Law 2 Public Hearing passed, “Amendment to Vehicle and Traffic Code,” designating handicapped parking slots and electric vehicle charging stations. Parking fee is $325; Charging Station initial fee is $350.


Village Administrator James Palmer presented Use of Unassigned Fund Balance for Capital Equipment and Projects totaling $287,823; Tennis Hut security cameras; $41,000 for Teardrop Streetlights on Midland/Pondfield and $27,350 for engineering design of traffic signal on Gramatan/Pondfield.