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September 2020

Bronxville Farmer’s Market is Open

The Bronxville Farmer’s Market is open with the following protocols:


1. To control the traffic flow at the market, all shoppers must sign up for a shopping slot via our Eventbrite link which will go live every Tuesday at 6 p.m. on our FB page. Those who receive our newsletter will have the link delivered to their inbox at that time. The first two time slots are reserved for shoppers who are over 65 and/or whose immune system is compromised.


2. All vendors and shoppers must wear masks, or face coverings, at all times.


3. Vendors’ tents will be spaced at least 10 feet apart.


4. Shoppers will not be allowed to touch any produce (sorry, you can’t pick your own apples or onions) and most items will be pre-bagged.


5. To minimize cash transactions we prefer shoppers pay by credit card or Venmo. If you must pay by cash, please try to pay the exact amount so that it can be dropped in a vendor’s “cash” box.


6. No sampling, period.


7. As much as we hate to say it, during this crisis, we are discouraging the use of reusable produce bags and are encouraging single-use plastic bags.


8. Vendors handling non-frozen foods, or foods that are not packaged or bottled are required to have a second pair of hands at their stall to handle payment transactions.


9. To encourage surgical shopping we ask that shoppers pre-order as much as possible. The pre-order link will be available on our FB Page as soon as the sign-up link goes live.


10. For the duration of the pandemic, we will not provide any musical entertainment or offer cafe seating at the market.  All prepared food must be purchased “to go.”